The Sweetest Photos of Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard Over the Years

Ron and Cheryl first met in high school in 1970. Their first date was on November 1st, where they watched a movie and had pizza. Now, after 40 years, they're celebrating by driving the same car they used on their first date.

Longtime Love

Ron Howard asked three times before they got married in 1975 in Burbank. Famous friends from TV, like Andy Griffith and Tom Bosley, came to celebrate.

Wedding Bells

In 1981, they had a daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard. Then in 1985, twin girls named Paige Carlyle Howard and Jocelyn Carlyle Howard arrived. Finally, their son Reed Cross Howard was born in 1987.

Baby Makes Three

In 1983, Ron and Cheryl Howard happily went to Denver's Carousel Ball of Hope. At various movie premieres and award shows, Ron and Cheryl often walk the red carpet arm-in-arm.

Bring It In

In 1996, Ron Howard won an award for Apollo 13. He and someone else were dressed up for the occasion

Winner's Circle

That year, Ron Howard wore a black tux and Cheryl Howard wore a blue gown at the Oscars.

To the Nines

Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard have been in love since high school. Ron says Cheryl is the only one for him. She's always been supportive. Their love has stayed strong through everything.

Five Decades in the Making

Cheryl Howard was at the L.A. premiere in 1989 to celebrate her husband's film, Parenthood. At various award shows and red carpet events, Ron and Cheryl can often be seen beaming with pride,

Beaming with Pride