The 8 Best Types of Roses for Every Garden

'About Face' (Rosa Grandiflora 'About Face'): This grandiflora rose features bicolor petals with a vibrant orange hue. Its long stems and rich green leaves complement the striking blooms.

'Bonica' (Rosa 'Bonica'): A shrub rose boasting delicate light-pink flowers, 'Bonica' showcases a bushy growth habit and fragrant blooms measuring 2 to 3 inches across.

Cherry Parfait' (Rosa Floribunda 'Cherry Parfait'): This floribunda rose features a captivating two-tone petal color scheme, with white petals edged in red.

'Teasing Georgia' (Rosa 'Teasing Georgia'): A David Austin shrub rose, 'Teasing Georgia' offers large cupped flowers in a yellow to apricot hue.

'Easy Does It' (Rosa Floribunda 'Easy Does It'): This floribunda rose showcases medium-sized blooms blending orange, pink, and apricot tones.

'Falstaff' (Rosa 'Falstaff'): An English shrub rose by David Austin, 'Falstaff' features large dark crimson-red flowers measuring 4 to 5 inches across.

'Tahitian Sunset' (Rosa Hybrid Tea 'Tahitian Sunset'): This hybrid tea rose displays magnificent apricot-pink bi-color flowers, reaching up to 6 inches across.

'Rainbow Knockout' (Rosa 'Rainbow Knockout'): A shrub rose with coral flowers and yellow centers, 'Rainbow Knock Out' features excellent rebloom cycles and dark green semi-glossy foliage.