Discover the 7 Largest Snakes in the world: Giants of the Wild

Green Anaconda

Also known as the Giant Anaconda or Common Water Boa, this non-venomous snake is found in South America. It's one of the world's largest snakes, growing up to 30 feet long.

Reticulated Python

Found in South and Southeast Asia, this is the world's longest snake kept in captivity. Known for its aggressive nature and geometric patterns, it can grow up to 29 feet.

Amethystine Python

Native to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, this non-venomous python, also called the Scrub Python, can reach lengths of 27 feet.

Burmese Python

Found in Southeast Asia, this large snake can grow up to 23 feet long and weigh as much as 350 pounds, though most are around 13 feet and 130 pounds.

Indian Rock Python

Native to India, Pakistan, and surrounding regions, this non-venomous snake can grow up to 20 feet long but typically reaches around 9.8 feet.

King Cobra

The world's longest venomous snake, found in Southern and Southeast Asia, averages 10 to 13 feet but can grow up to 19.2 feet.

Black Mamba

Despite its name, this sub-Saharan African snake isn't black. It can grow up to 14 feet and is known for its speed and deadly venom.