9 Stunning Plants That Bring Butterflies to Your Garden


With their cheery purple and pink blooms, asters naturally attract butterflies. Plant them in well-drained soil and full sun, and these perennials will bring winged beauties to your yard year after year.


Yarrow's dense arrangements of blooms offer a lush landing pad for butterflies. Easy to care for, yarrow can handle dry soil but thrives in full sunlight. It's also deer-resistant.

(Seedless) Butterfly Bush

This plant's lush purple blossoms are a butterfly favorite. Opt for "seedless" cultivars to prevent it from becoming invasive. Butterfly bush thrives in fertile, well-drained soil and full sun.


Lavender's soothing scent and pretty purple stalks attract butterflies and other pollinators. It thrives in drier soil and low humidity areas. Darker blooms smell the strongest.


Coneflowers, with their pink, yellow, and orange petals, attract songbirds and butterflies. They thrive in well-drained soil, tolerate drought, and prefer full sun.


Allium flowers produce oversized spheres of brightly colored petals that attract butterflies. They have a subtle scent that repels deer and rodents. Plant them in well-drained soil with full sunlight.

Native Milkweeds

Native milkweed is crucial for monarch butterflies, as their caterpillars feed exclusively on this plant. Be sure to plant native species to avoid disrupting monarch migration.


Easy to grow, marigolds bloom all summer long and are disease-free. They come in various colors and heights and can help repel pests when planted near vegetables. Butterflies and bees will love them.


Goldenrods are sun-loving perennials that are deer- and drought-resistant. They can tolerate dry conditions and bloom lovely golden-yellow flowers from late summer through fall.