9 Of The Most Popular Deadliest Snakes In The World

Black Mamba: One of the longest and quickest snakes in the world, the black mamba is located in southern and eastern Africa. Slithering at up to 12.5 miles per hour, black mambas may reach lengths of up to 14 feet. 

Boomslang: Boomslang is a huge, very poisonous snake found throughout Africa, especially in southern nations like South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. The snake is distinguished by its huge eyes, brilliant body, and egg-shaped head. 

Fer-de-Lance: The most deadly South American snake is Fer-de-Lance. The Fer-de-Lance, which is 4–7 feet long and aggressive, lives in woodlands. A spear-shaped head and long, brown body with diamond-shaped markings define Fer-de-Lance.

Russell’s Viper: Russell's viper is one of India's four great four snakes. The annual death toll is thousands. The 4–6-foot Russell's viper has a round, robust body and a short tail.  

Eastern Tiger Snake: The yellow and black eastern tiger snake originates from southeast Australia and resembles a tiger. Its venom is one of the most deadly and may poison in 15 minutes. 

Saw-scaled viper: The most deadly snake is the saw-scaled viper. Scientists believe it kills more people than all other snakes combined. The saw-scaled viper inhabits Africa, the Middle East, and India. They are one of the most dangerous snakes and are noted for their terrifying sizzling sound when they rub their bodies.

Banded Krait: Black with yellow stripes, the banded krait is one of the world's most recognizable snakes and typically strikes at night. Long and leisurely during the day, the banded krait lives throughout India, Southeast Asia, and southern China. 

King Cobra: King cobras, the world's longest poisonous snake, are from South Asia. The king cobra can kill an elephant in hours with one bite. It can reach 18 feet and elevate its head numerous feet when aroused. 

Coastal Taipan: The coastal taipan, another dangerous Australian outback snake, is fast. The coastal taipan bites many times before reacting. Reddish eyes and pale olive to dark brown skin. Long and lean, the coastal taipan.