9 Exercises That Do More Harm Than Good For Your Health

Squats build lower limb muscles and improve sports performance. Squat strength may improve running and vertical jumping. Lower limb muscle strength and lean mass from this activity may help prevent age-related disorders in later life.


Another knee, hip, and lower back-injury-causing leg workout. Bending forward too rapidly with your knee over your toe might cause considerable discomfort. Learn the form or stop exercising.


The one where you push or spread your legs? Both motions use hip stabilizers, not primary movers. Hips and lower backs might strain from these activities.

Thigh Abduction and Adduction

Interestingly, the most popular stomach workout may cause injuries and is one of the least effective. Pulling too hard with your hands behind your head will strain your neck.


This workout isolates the quadriceps with an unusual action. This exercise puts a lot of strain on your knees, ensuring injury.

Leg Extensions

Great chest/shoulder workout, but considerable injury risk. Men and women should only lift weight to their nipples. Any higher and you risk shoulder impingement, a painful, lingering ailment that prevents shoulder movement.

Upright Row

If you're not a gym heavyweight, this exercise will hurt you. Too many joints, too much force, and too much damage risk if the barbell changes even slightly.

Jump Squat

The Wide Grip Pulldown works your lats, but don't drag it behind your neck. You need complete control to accomplish it securely, and even tiny posture errors might cause shoulder impingement.

Behind Neck Lat Pulldown

This technique requires flexibility and strength. You must do it correctly, since even the tiniest strain might cause fatal harm.

Behind Neck Shoulder Press