8 Best Hairstyles For Men with Wavy Hair in 2024

With thick wavy hair, this haircut is easy to style: brush your fringe back and add pomade for a smooth, textured look. 

Short Wavy Hair with High Skin Fade

The crisp clean skin fade enhances the texture and volume of wavy and curly hair. For this appearance, have your barber leave the top two inches long 

Sharp Mid Fade and Curly Textured Top

This low-maintenance haircut works well with curly and wavy hair: push the fringe back and add texture using texturizing paste.

Choppy Wavy Combover with a Bald Fade

This relaxed, sloppy mid-length haircut lets your hair flow naturally. The style and waves might benefit from modest bleached accents.

Medium Length Men’s Wavy Haircut

This striking hairstyle with long curls on top and a flawless high skin fade on the sides and back makes a statement. Sea salt spray and pomade will give you a salon-like finish.

Perfect High Skin Fade with Contrasting Long Curly Top

Tell the barber where you want your ponytail or bun to go and have him clipper trim your hair below it. To get the desired fading, clearly state your demands.

Men Bun and a Skin Fade

Short, buzzed sides contrast with thick, untamed curls. Highlights are trendy currently, so try them if you want hair color.

Wavy Highlights and Medium Bald Fade

Short man haircuts for wavy hair will always be popular. Classic and manly, short haircuts look well on most head shapes.

Short Wavy Crop and a Drop Fade